don’t fuel the fire if you cant handle the heat

why start something if you cannot finish it? are you a coward? realistically people are so fast in this generation to fuel the fire but not handle the heat. the bizarre hypocrisy of it all is that they are the people who began the problem so why not just regulate it?

the fact that you would even try to win against someone who isn’t even in your league will always be a misery to me. competition is needless. I compete against me, always striving to be the best I can be everyday without a bone of doubt inside me. competing against the jobs who turn me down and the 23 applications needing to be reviewed by others.  If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about so far this year is LUXURY. luxury is so important in life being able to do things you’ve never done before is what life’s about and to live luxury you  need money and that is why I will go from job to job increasing my income. money is time. so don’t ever waste mines. And maybe If some women in my generation felt the same way they wouldn’t be so wide open. minj wise..


gods waiting room…

A leopard cant change its spots

I’ve been played, I’ve played people but none of us could change the game. stop looking for love girl you’ve still got time, zayn made the perfect tune to show you guys where I’m going here.. love is stress, sometimes I don’t even know what love is I cant even get my head around it, sometimes I think its just an illusion we choose to make in order to hate. Without the word hate we wouldn’t even  want to know about love, some people can define love as soon as you ask them what it is and I’m one of those people who would tell you I don’t know, about 3 years ago I made a poem telling people exactly what love is and its still on my mums fridge today I’m hoping, but its crazy how people can change your perception of love with in the space of three years! I was watching a YouTube tarot women ( yes I’m deeply involved in starsigns)  and she said she felt empty on the plane back home and she said if the planed crashed she felt as if she wouldn’t of cared because  she never felt love, then she said she had a son and that’s when I completely closed the laptop and went sleep because of the rubbish and absurd things she was saying,  how could you say you feel empty when you have a child to give your love to? I personally believe that’s  the only time I would feel deep love although  I wouldn’t have a child at my young age. love is a difficult topic to speak on because the controversy it brings, love causes pain and hurt but it also causes happiness, I could count how many people truly love me on one hand and I’m fine with it because I realised self love is the best love. your born alone you die alone if you manifest love during that small period of time then your extremely lucky.. people change, feelings change that’s why being true to  yourself is sometimes the only way.

no one is you and that is your POWER..

I’ve understood this quote since my early years of life. I was always the person in school speaking about the law of attraction reading the book ‘the secret’ which I never truly understood till I watched the DVD, which was a gift from my favourite teacher Mr Lewis.  He knew how much self-growth meant to me and he knew how curious I was about controlling different energies which entered my life. however the most frustrating thing about knowing about this great law is some days I would find it hard to channel the right energies or sometimes I would just be to stubborn and care-free to even give a toss about where my life would lead..  applying the law of attraction to your life is life changing filtering your thoughts and consistently monitoring which energies you attract becomes an essential day to day routine as you witness bad things occur when you don’t..


I once saw a bee drown in honey and I understood ….


Everyday I try to withhold the curiosity of drowning in my own sauce and other individuals sauce, this means a combination of boujiness and prestigious behaviour is at favour everyday. I’m often told I have ‘trust issues’ and in fact I do and I’m not proud of it, sometimes having trust issues only causes more issues as you cannot see when somebody is real or not and real is rare. Being the cause of your own pain can mentally destroy you as everything you try to do has barriers because your constantly trying to find issues within a person, however I have come to terms with myself and others that i can not control who I cross paths with, everyone comes in your life for a reason and everybody exits your life for a reason and mainly everyone serves a purpose in your life.. heartbreak, great memories and important lessons are gained from every soul we past souls with and this is the beautiful thing  about life. regrets are forbidden as I strive to gain life knowledge from every soul I meet..